Embedded Systems Engineering
We are focused on the Design, Development, Manufacturing & Testing of Electronic and Embedded-Systems for Aerospace applications. Our capabilities include System Engineering, PCB Manufacturing, Assembling and Software Engineering. Requirement Definition, Product Conceptualization and Certification are achieved with focused effort and investment on R&D, Collaboration and Training.
Systems Development
Design & Development:
State-of-the-Art ESD-Safe Embedded-Systems Laboratory
Design to Manufacture of Automated Test Equipment for Avionics
Design of Digital/Analog/Mixed-Signal LRU’s using FPGA & Processors, per DO254
Encryption/Decryption Algorithm Development & Modulation schemes
Documentation & Testing per CE, MIL-STD-810/461/704

ATE, Avionics & Communication Systems
Multi-Layer PCB, SMT/BGA/PTH Assembly, Re-Work and Q&I
Documentation & Testing per CE, MIL-STD-810/461/704

R&D in Requirements-Capture, Design, Integration & Certification per DO-178B and DO-254 guidelines for Avionics Systems
Dedicated R&D team & ESD-Safe Environment

Software Development
AIS specializes in software engineering, conforming to RTCA/DO-178 for DAL A, B & C and MIL-STD-498 for:
On-board, Real-Time, Embedded System
Ground Equipment
Automatic Test Equipment
System Simulation, Modelling, 2D/3D Virtualization

Our established process for Software Engineering, controlled through objective based quantifiable methodologies has provided the platform for our growth in the domain.
AIS ensure an established experience in Independednt Verification & Validation (IV&V) activities conforming to RTCA/DO-178, CENELEC EN-50128 & MIL-STD-498.

AIS provides Independent Verification & Validation services at every phase of Software development as a process to identify correctness, completeness, integrity and quality of developed software. Verification is performed through technical investigation to highlight quality aspects with respect to intended operational environment. Quality attributes include but are not limited to capability, reliability, efficiency, portability and maintainability.

We are invlolved in static and dynamic verification in top down, bottom up and isolation approach; performing review, analysis and testing from coverage analysis (functional and structural) through to testing in intended target environment in our laboratory, including but not limited to:

Requirement based Host and Target testing covering Black Box, White Box, Coverage Analysis (functional and structural)
Module/Integration testing on Host Platforms and System specific Target Provessors.
Embedded Systems Engineering
AeroStructures Engineering
Technical Documentation
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